The Micro-Arts Festival In a Pub


How we began


Writers, Artists, Film Makers, Live Music, Independent Films, An Award Winning Pub, Beer, Fine Wines & Sausage Rolls. What's not to love? It's cyclical funding - the pub buys the special guests' drinks and dinner, the guests donate fabulous and unique prizes for the raffle, the proceeds of the raffle pay the musicians, you lovely people enjoy the day, spend money at the bar and a lot of you go home with valuable goodies.


Everybody Wins



No panels, no talks, no formal signings, just creators mingling with the people who love their work listening to the best live music and enjoying new independent film. The best part of any festival is not the events themselves, but the socialising. So we cut the convention and went straight for the bar.


It's the Aftershow without the Show.



SWALC has always been based on the philosophy that 'Everybody Wins'. To that end, we're branching out and are proud to launch our first ever creators' competition - part contest, part crowdfunding, we could be making YOUR film with a pro crew and cast.

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Arts and Beer and Sausage Rolls - NEXT SWALC ANNOUNCED - NOVEMBER 30TH!!!!